JET Games at IAAPA Expo 2023 – A Thrilling Experience in Orlando!

Unveiling the Future of Arcade Gaming

This past November, the team at JET Games had the incredible opportunity to attend the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida – a spectacular event renowned for being the largest international trade show for the amusements and attractions industry. As an emerging name in the arcade game sector, we were thrilled to not only attend but also to showcase our latest innovations and connect with other industry enthusiasts.

The Heart of Innovation and Fun

From the moment we arrived, the energy and passion for the amusement industry were palpable. The convention was a hub of creativity and innovation, with companies from all over the globe showcasing the latest in rides, games, and attractions. We were among our peers who shared our dedication to reinventing the way people experience arcade games. Plus, we saw the IAAPA Convention as the perfect stage to unveil all of our hard work to the world.

Showcasing Our Latest Creations

At our booth, we showcased our latest creations by unveiling 11 new games:

Quick Toss 

Urban 4×4

Carnival Park

Quick Shot


Cruisin 57

JET Hoops

Mega Shot

JET Darts

Cannonball Drop

Big Shot

Visitors to our booth experienced firsthand the unique blend of nostalgia and new-age technology that our games offer. We received an overwhelming amount of positive responses, with attendees praising the innovative gameplay that JET Games has to offer.

Looking to the Future

Our time at the IAAPA Convention was more than just an opportunity to showcase our products; it was a chance to see where the industry is heading and how JET Games can be a part of that future. We are more inspired than ever and are eager to push the boundaries of arcade gaming even further.

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